HCPA Longitudinal Mentorship - DNR with CSM SIP and DDP_500

Longitudinal Mentoring by Health Care Profession Advisors (HCPA)

HCPA advisors are a group of faculty, committed to mentoring, who created and direct programs to improve the pipeline in STEM fields and health care professions. CSM SIP and DDP scholars are matched, in groups of 4-5, with a HCPA longitudinal mentor who will closely follow each student’s progress for at least 3 years. The HCPA facilitates face-to-face group meetings throughout the year while students are at Hopkins or nearby, and then switching to phone calls, email, and skype meetings, as students move elsewhere. Our goal is to build peer mentoring and support teams to learn from each other with oversight by a faculty member who is either a health professional or biomedical scientist. The HCPA mentors are also be responsible for advising students about careers in STEM fields and health care professions.

Exposure to Health Care Professionals: Lunch and Learn Speaker Series

Scholars in the SARE, CSM SIP and DDP programs interact with academic physicians and biomedical researchers by attending the Exposure to Health Care Professionals: Lunch and Learn Speaker Series.

This series has three goals: to show scholars the health and societal implications of biomedical research; to have them meet physicians who treat patients with diseases and disorders prevalent in disadvantaged populations; and provide role models: accomplished faculty who are physicians, physician-scientists or social scientists and are from underrepresented groups (including racial/ethnic minorities and/or from socioeconomically disadvantaged backgrounds).